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Avoid Becoming A Victim of Deceptive Police Tactics

Defense Attorney Tells How to Evoke the Power of Silence for Any Police Encounter in this New Book

Do you know what to do and say when stopped by police? Most people don’t. In fact, over ninety percent (90%) of the roughly twelve million Americans stopped and arrested annually leave themselves no choice but to plead guilty and get convicted because they were tricked, intimidated or deceived into giving up their right to silence, mistakenly thinking that the right to do so starts with the Miranda warning.

After reading A Toast To Silence: Avoid Becoming Another Victim of Deceptive Police Tactics By Knowing When and How to Use the Power of Silence by prominent defense attorney Peter Baskin, you will never be able to watch the television series, “Cops” or “Law and Order” again without shouting at the television screen pointing out police tactics! A Toast to Silence is a helpful guide that reveals what really happens to a person who is stopped by the police and experiences the principal tool of law enforcement – deception.

This guide tells in anecdotes and solid information EXACTLY how to talk with a police officer when stopped at a checkpoint, traffic violation, suspected DWI/DUI, street protests, or other suspected activities involving an officer and your constitutional rights. This book combats an individual’s lack of knowledge with a fully detailed explanation ensuring that readers will know what to do and how to do it when a cop is trying to trap them with their own words and actions; not letting that happen.

A Toast to Silence details the many ways in which deception is used against you when stopped by the police. As an interesting read, it gives helpful instruction to avoid the sticky web that deceptive cops will use to trap citizens. Even if someone has never found themselves in a situation where the right to silence would save them, this book will still be an informative and thought provoking read. The knowledge and insight readers will gain can help counter the widespread, media fueled misinformation about their constitutional rights during a police encounter.

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