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WTMJ AM, Milwaukee, WI, “The Mike Siegel Show” Filling in for Charlie Sykes, August 12, 2016

WSIU FM, NPR Carbondale, IL, “Morning Conversations” August 17, 2016

WOCM FM, Ocean City, MD, “Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show” August 11, 2016

Sirius XM, National, “The Maggie Linton Show” August 10, 2016

National/Podcast, “The Phil Hulett Show” August 5, 2016

WGLS AM, Philadelphia, PA suburbs, “A Community Affair” August 4, 2016

KSVY AM, Sonoma, CA, “KSVY Morning Show” August 2, 2016

Sirius XM, National, “The Wilmer Leon Show” July 30, 2016

WSVA-AM Harrisonburg, VA “Late Afternoon Show” July 28, 2016


Sample Media Questions
For  Peter Baskin 

Why did you write this book?
What is “A Toast to Silence” about?
Why don’t they know what to do and say when stopped or approached by a police officer?
Is your book anti-police?
How does the media misinform the public about police/citizen encounters?
If someone is stopped for possibly being under the influence, what is required of them; what is not required?
Won’t the officer get angry and arrest me if I don’t cooperate?
Why do people fear arrest and then make mistakes under the false notion that cooperating will avoid arrest?
What should I not do or say?
How do the police get us to give up our rights?
What are some of the deceptions and misrepresentations the police use when they stop or approach?
Why is the conviction rate from guilty pleas so high?
When does my right to silence begin?
If I’m arrested do I go straight to jail?
Will an arrest become a part of my permanent record?
If I’m arrested and I think it’s without a valid basis, what should I do?
What, in a nutshell, is your message to folks who may get stopped or encounter the police?