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Compound Police Questions

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Police officers, in their ceaseless effort to upgrade and refine their deception skills have increasingly made use of compound questions to trick folks they stop into consenting, as they view it, to take the preliminary breath test and field sobriety tests (FSTS).  These are the stop scene tests to which you need not and must […]

Will Body Cameras Benefit NYPD & the Public?

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The NYPD will start wearing body cameras this fall to record their interaction with the public.  I am a very strong and vocal advocate of this practice, and believe it should be universal.  As discussed in “A Toast to Silence”, the conversational tone and seductive lies that the police use to get from the people […]

Is the Right to Silence a Crime of Obstructing?

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Here is a classic, and probably the best example of why video recording of police interaction with the public should be universal, and why Shakespeare was right about lawyers – government lawyers.  It was reported on May 5, 2016, by NewJersey.com that as many as three (3) New Jersey state troopers appear to be clueless […]


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