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Point Missed

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A recent Fox News segment discussing the accuracy, reliability and scientific validity of Minnesota’s breath test machines used in the prosecution of DUI cases fell along predictable lines.  Criminal defense attorneys criticize the accuracy of these devices and prosecutors continue to express confidence in them.  Both sides of the argument miss the point of the […]

Stayin’ Alive – Installment Two

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In the wake of the July 2016 outbreak of shootings by the police during traffic infraction stops, I am compelled to update my advice in “A Toast to Silence” whenever you are stopped by the police, particularly in view of the shooting in Minnesota where the gentleman who was shot had advised the officer who […]

Bye Bye, Wild Bill

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The New York Times reported, on August 2, 2016, the resignation, effective next month of New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, ending his public career in law enforcement of forty five years.  Speaking in what sounded like a farewell address, Bratton said, “the issues that we are facing now are going to require years to […]

Stayin’ Alive

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A superb letter to the editor appeared in the Washington Post on Friday, July 22, 2016.  It is so good it merits being quoted:  If stopped by the police: “. . . my sole thought would be to come out of the stop alive.  I would roll all the windows down, turn on the interior […]

Policing the Police

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The Thursday, July 21, 2016 edition of the Washington Post contained an editorial, “Policing Needs A New Orientation” in which the writer persuasively argues that successful policing is more than simply reducing violent crime.  It is also about how the public is treated during police encounters that involve the day to day work of the […]


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