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“O COWARD CONSCIENCE . . . ” – Shakespeare

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The mistrial in the South Carolina trial of former officer Michael Slager, who shot Walter Scott to death in the back as he was running away from Slager, is difficult to explain, the event having been preserved on camera.  The explanation that I have heard having a basis in race — the racial makeup of […]


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The election of Donald Trump has ended any realistic near-term hope of movement toward the goal of criminal justice reform widely discussed before and during the recently concluded 2016 Presidential campaign.  In fact, Trump’s resurrection of the classic republican chant, “Law & Order”, which brought us “profiling” instead of evidence, unconstitutionally practiced “stop and frisk”, […]

Justice Delayed is Justice Nonetheless

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On Friday, November 18, 2016, it was reported that Officer Jeronimo Yanez of the Minneapolis, Minnesota Police will be prosecuted for crimes committed when he shot to death Philando Castille following a traffic infraction stop on July 9, 2016.  This, you may recall, was the shooting that was recorded and broadcast worldwide by Castille’s girlfriend […]


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